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GREEN BARn Fruit Co.


The Peach Life

Green Barn Fruit Company is a small fruit company in Palisade, Colorado.

Established in 2004, we started out as Green Barn Produce.

Now with a more focused brand, we have changed our name to match.

In 2017 we opened a U-Pick orchard where you can come and experience Palisade

like never before and hand select your favorite fruits.

We nourish our trees with water from the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Our fruit is tree ripened

and hand-selected for the highest sugar content possible.

Scroll down to find out about Palisade's History!


Where the fruits at

... A History

Click here to get and indepth history of Colorado's Fruit and Wine History -

Loading to rail cars
Mr Baird loading bushels into box car
Trucks at United platform
Fruit Stand
Packing Peaches
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